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Our Services

We offer services to help maintain and manage your rural property.

Property Maintenance 

Road Grading

At Hill & Oak, we understand that the charm of country living often comes with the territory - the dirt roads that lead us home. That's why we are excited to offer expert Road Maintenance services designed to keep your pathways smooth, safe, and navigable.

Our team takes pride in leveraging our own road grader to ensure precision in every grading project. From addressing potholes to managing water runoff, we're here to provide comprehensive upkeep and maintenance, ensuring your dirt roads reflect the same quality that defines your countryside retreat.

Brush Clearing

Embrace the untamed beauty of your country property with our specialized Brush Clearing services. We understand that the charm of rural living comes with its share of overgrowth challenges, and we're here to restore your land to its pristine allure.

Our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques and equipment to clear away unwanted vegetation, creating a harmonious landscape around your country home. From reclaiming hidden views to mitigating fire risks, our Brush Clearing services are tailored to enhance both the aesthetics and safety of your property.


When the verdant beauty of your open pasture needs a touch of care, look no further than Hill & Oak. Our specialized Property Shredding services are tailored for country homes like yours, ensuring the maintenance of your expansive greenery.

Equipped with expertise and powered by tractors, we bring a solution that's both efficient and flexible. Whether you prefer our machinery or wish to use your own, our team is ready to assist in shredding grass, managing overgrowth, and maintaining the natural charm of your property.

Property Management

Scheduled Visits

We understand the importance of regular oversight for your property. Our team will conduct scheduled check-ins, inspecting your home. We'll ensure that the property is secure, carry out necessary maintenance tasks, and report any issues promptly. This service helps ensure that your home remains in optimal condition.

Home Maintenance

Our property management experts are skilled in handling the common maintenance requirements. From routine upkeep to addressing unforeseen repairs, we've got you covered. Our trusted network of contractors, technicians, and service providers ensures that any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks are promptly taken care of, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free weekend.

Services Manager

We can manage (or in some cases perform in house) all existing and new services including housekeeping, shredding, road grading, lawn care, plant watering, window washing, laundry services, weather make ready, pool cleaning, preventative maintenance, power washing, repairs/handyman services, and more based on individual needs.

Investment Property Manager

Chat with us about your unique needs as a property investors and how we can help maximize the potential of your investment. Our comprehensive services include property maintenance, and regular inspections. We can handle all aspects of property management, allowing you to enjoy a passive income stream without the hassle. With our commitment to excellence, we work to make sure your investment property operates smoothly and generates optimal returns. Trust us to provide exceptional service, transparency, and a tailored approach to meet your specific investment goals. Let us take care of your investment property, so you can reap the rewards stress-free.

Make Ready Services

Concierge Services

We understand that your country retreat should provide you with a stress-free experience. Our concierge services are designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences. Some services include: grocery stocking, firewood delivery, farm toy prep (checking batteries, fuel, oil changes, lube, air in tires, etc), holiday decorating, and more based on your needs. Our dedicated team is at your service to enhance your stay.

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